Friday, July 11, 2008

Does Benefit really make you a BadGal?

No, it doesn't.

I was yearning to play with BadGal because of all the hype on it so I got it for my birthday (rather, a friend got it for me because my card was declined...embarrassiiiiiiiing : \ ). Anywho, I tried both the blue AND black. It's not terrible, but for 19 bucks (and 9 for the little bit of badgal in black), I was expecting more.

First of all, the formula's a bit on the dry side. I played with the blue one first because, of course, it's blue. I opened it, and my gawd is it blue. However, I thought I got a faulty one (because I aaaaalways seem to get a bad something when I shop at sephora), but no, I opened the black one and it had the same texture. o_O That bummed me out a wee bit.

So I put it on and it was mediocre. Of course, I assumed it was because I had already been wearing mascara and didn't clean it off completely. Nope, used it the next day, and it was a BIT better, but still no wow. The blue gives your lashes a nice blue tint but don't expect boom bam blue lashes; that's not what you're gonna get with this product. It's a discreet tint.

Between the both of them, the formula clumped. I've had time since my birthday to play with it a bit and get used to the dice. I get better results from L'Oreal Voluminous and it's so much less expensive.

Bottomline: two little thumbs down :p [i have tiiiiiny thumbs btw]